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Calling all Garys!

Helping others and doing nice deeds is a great way to connect with your local community and spread the importance of our mission - to remind the world that Gary is a NEAT GUY.

If people love Gary, they'll love the name.

Why not pay someone a compliment?

Help them without being asked?

Do your good lady a favour and get some chores done?

Maybe get her some flowers or those crisps she likes?

Bring a dear old neighbour their shopping?

Give someone a surprise hug?

If a friend is struggling mentally, be a hero and help them out by just listening?

Or even help a charity out?

You could write a song or story about a great Gary and share it with the world!

If you know any pregnant ladies, why not do them a nice favour, then discreetly remind them that Gary is a sturdy, manly powerful name?

Spread the word of Great Garys, like Oldman, Cooper and Numan.(Remind people that Gary Glitter's real name is actually Paul...)

Come on Garys.

We can all do better.

Let's get off out arses and dare to dream.

The future belongs to Gary

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